Tuesday, August 7, 2012


VOTE TODAY!!! UFO HAS A FEW SUGGESTIONS IF YOU'RE INTERESTED... CHECK 'EM OUT (SEE ATTACHED)... ALSO PLEASE NOTE*** FOR THOSE IN OUR DISTRICT WE'VE SEEN AND WORKED IN THE TRENCHES WITH BOTH TYRONE CARTER AND RASHIDA TLAIB (WE'RE TALKING SHOVELS, LAWNMOWERS, PROTEST ETC REAL DEAL THEY ARE EXTRA ENDORSED BY UFO) AND OF COURSE VERY IMPORTANT VOTE YES YES YES ON THE DIA MILLAGE (UNLESS YOO HATE ART).... UFO FACTORY is only voting the Democratic ballot in the primary election being held tomorrow, August 7. Because in Detroit in Summer 2012 the best options for representation are on the Democratic ballot. And the primary is set up so you’ve got to pick one or the other party. Below you will find some exceptional picks who we know will effectively and wholeheartedly represent our concerns for the environment, social justice, education, jobs and improving the quality of life in Detroit. And for some seats we are sorry to say we couldn’t find a reason to vote for anyone running. DIA millage – YES U.S. Congress District 13 – Shanelle Jackson U.S. Congress District 14 – Hansen Clarke State Representative District 4 – Rose Mary C. Robinson District 6 – Rashida Tlaib District 9 – Harvey Santana Wayne County Commissioner District 4 – Tyrone Carter Wayne County Commissioner District 14 – Raymond Basham Wayne County Clerk – Cathy Garrett Wayne County Sheriff – Benny Napoleon Wayne County Treasurer – Ray Wojtowicz Register of Deeds – Youngblood Courts 22nd District Court – Liddell 36th District Court –Evans and Phillips 3rd Circuit Court –Gillis and Morrow 3rd Circuit Court incumbent – Baxter, Oxholm, Halloran, Bill 3rd Circuit Court Par Term -- Talon

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