Monday, August 2, 2010


UFO FACTORY is only voting the Democratic ballot in the primary election being held tomorrow, August 3. Because in Detroit in Summer 2010 the best options for representation are mostly on the Democratic ballot. And the primary is set up so you’ve got to pick one or the other party. Yes the system sucks, but not voting isn’t the right action and won’t make a change. The politicians listen to constituents who vote. So vote and then bitch to the people in office!!!! Or let them know that they are doing a good job. And spread the message.
Below you will find some exceptional picks (****) who we know will effectively and wholeheartedly represent our concerns for the environment, social justice, education and jobs. UFO FACTORY has seen (****) participating at meetings for the people by the people. UFO FACTORY has witnessed (****) cleaning up parks and protesting the big business polluters who have gotten away with looting Detroit for decades. We are impressed and believe that (****) will work for the people with the people. We offer up some other picks somewhat hesitantly, but in the face of opponents who are a very scary alternative. And for some State House seats we are sorry to say we couldn’t find a reason to vote for anyone running.

Governor: Dillon (marginally)

13th Congressional: Hansen Clarke****
14th Congressional: John Conyers

1st State Senate: Lisa Nuszkowski****
2nd State Senate: Bert Johnson (marginally)
3rd State Senate: Mo Hood
4th State Senate: Virgil Smith
5th State Senate: Tupac Hunter

1st State House: Tim Bledsoe
2nd State House Scott Benson****
3rd State house none
4th State House Maureen Stapleton****
5th State House none
6th State House none
7th State House none
8th State House none
9th State House Shanelle Jackson
10th State House Harvey Santana****
11th State House David Nathan
12th State House Rashida Tlaib****

Wayne County Commissioner
3rd District Martha Scott
4th District Jewell Ware
5th District Tyrone Carter****

Wayne County Sheriff
Benny Napoleon

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