Monday, November 2, 2009

the UFO slate for a NEW DETROIT

We read, we listened and we watched. Our decision to vote for these folks for City Council is based on their actions and interviews with regard to: 1) environmental justice, 2) intolerance of business corruption and political corruption in Detroit, 3) innovative ideas or vision that considers financial sustainability and livability. We scored each category 0 to 3.
Each candidate listed here got the highest mark in at least one of these categories and didn’t fail any category. For example candidate JL Dearing is not listed because he miserably failed all three criteria. We are surprised that certain candidates didn’t make our list -- they scored low because they too often didn’t directly answer the questions that were posed to them in interviews and debates and received zeros then.
None of them are perfect, and unfortunately most candidates will not acknowledge a need to reign in spending with regard to city employee numbers (downsizing), low productivity and extreme benefits (compare to private sector).

Lisa Howze
John Bennett
Kenneth Cockrel
Gary Brown
Joanne Watson
Brenda Jones
Kwame Kenyatta
David Cross
Mohamed Okdie

For Charter Commission we are only voting for 3. Their aptitude for intelligent discourse and their vision for redefining how city council is elected (in part by districts) were very important to us when we selected these candidates:
Cara Blount
Jenice Mitchell Ford
Patty Fedewa

Vote Yes on S, because based on his progress in rooting out corruption at DPS we believe that Robert Bobb has devised a plan that may secure the future of Detroit Public Schools. According to Bobb’s plan, Proposal S yes will allow use of Federal loaned funds to resize and rehab some schools and build some new ones in locations selected to meet the changed needs of the changed city population. Moreover, this will not increase city income or property taxes, and it will create jobs (however not forever).

Vote Yes on D, introducing council by district… we believe that everyone, not just big spenders, should have a chance to personally know a person representing them on council from their own city-district or neighborhood. The change to elect most of the council members by district will make that and greater accountability to constituents a possibility.

Mayor, Bing.


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