Thursday, March 19, 2009


TRAVIS WRIGHT over at the METRO TIMES was kind enough to do a page on UFO FACTORY and the "ARTS" via interview w/ me , DION D. FISCHER . he did a nice job deciphering my incomplete thoughts and sentences filtered thru the blasting loud BLACK SABBATH jamzz that were blaring over the ufo p.a. . see results here : UFO FACTORY, SKETCHES IN GRIT

some thingz had to be cut including talk of many upcoming ufo live MUSIK EVENTS , possible ufo ART SHOWS (deborah kashidan , 4x8x5 , fight ! , feelin' green, and more) . and discussion of other more over looked art forms like community activism ,raw food preparation, and the fact that ufo factory has a new divison called U.F.F.F.O. (aliccia and chad are heading up a group that does catch and release spay/neutering w/ feral cats in the city ). oh and plus what about groupies ? detroit rockers and artists , respect and support the groupie's , they rule and support the community, truly helping making advances in the arts . it's an oft overlooked artform , NEW DETROIT has some good ones, I AM SERIOUS .

while it's true that i'm am all about flowers, light , and positive energy these days , i did also mention some of the "dark arts". our city has a rich cultural history in negativity thats alive 'n kickin . some folks simply delight in gossip and slandering others , art really is about doing something that makes yoo feel good about yrself right ?? whatever it takes , yoo know ? let's not forget those so bereft of their own art that they live in an alternate reality where taking up lawsuits against nice folks who have talent to spare is a valid means of expression . can't come up w/ yr own ideas ? no problem, sue your pals and claim ownership of their art. or the lowest common denominator of artistry, retalitory vandalism , break a window for art if yoo have to , right ? got nuthin' offer , that's ok try to send a shard of glass into yr friends unsuspecting skull. ufo factory has always been a supporter of nature's deepest shade of red , good ol' fashioned AMERICAN BLOOD be it real or fake it's always glorious. YOO ALL KNOW WHO YOO ARE AND IF YR READING THIS ,STOP IT! put some of that energy into doing something useful, really yoo'll thank yrself eventually.
sorry, this is a blog after all ...... it's what people do nowadays right ? LETS NOT OVERLOOK THE ART OF BLOGGING !