Thursday, February 5, 2009


UFO'S SAY----> highly suggested listening and attendance. new compilation and free concerts . -----> check it.

this just in via email from our pals at X! RECORDS .

Hey there friend of X!

Just letting you know that tonight is the first night of the "Shiftless
Decay Thursdays" series going on this month at the Lager House in
Detroit. Each Thursday in February TWO bands that appear on the
"Shiftless Decay: New Sounds of Detroit" compilation will play TWO sets
each for FREE. NO COVER. Tonight kicks off with Frustrations and The
Mahonies. Here is the lineup for the rest of the month:

Tonight- Thursday, February 5 - Frustrations, The Mahonies

Thursday, February 12 - Tyvek, Johnny Ill Band

Thursday, February 19 - Human Eye, Heroes & Villains

Thursday, February 26 - Terrible Twos, Fontana

All the shows are free in an effort to get the compilation into as many
hands as possible. So scrape up a few bucks, pick up a copy, and enjoy
some free music every Thursday of the month.



We will be taking pre-orders for the compilation. All pre-orders will ship
on Tuesday, February 24th which is the "street date" for the comp. All
tracks on the compilation are unreleased besides those noted. Here is the
full tracklist:

1. Tentacle Lizardo - "Haunted Closet"
2. Human Eye - "Fix Me First Universe Nurse" (appears on their last LP)
3. Frustrations - "Psychedelic Motorcrash"
4. Terrible Twos - "Negative Drip"
5. Heroes & Villains - "SDWC"
6. Johnny Ill Band - "Ella Says"
7. Tyvek "Flashing Lights (2004 demo)" (appeared on the super-limited
"Flowers" tour CD-R
8. The Mahonies - ""Paint the Town Brown"
9. Fontana - "Gotta Split"
10. Little Claw - "Feeding You Your New Home" (NOT the version on the
Siltbreeze 7". This one's far more raw and aggressive. Great to hear both
versions in contrast to one another...)
11. THTX - "Monorails to Nowhere" (Matt Smith of Outrageous
Cherry/Volebeats other band)
12. Odd Clouds - "Gum Coup Follicle"

LP=$13.50 (including shipping)
CD=$11.50 (including shipping)

All pre-orders ship on Tuesday, February 24th.

You can pay by Paypal using the address info [at] x-recs [dot] com, or
look on our website on the "Releases" page for more payment options.

You might think about adding a Frustrations LP/CD, Terrible Twos CD, or a
second copy of the compilation to your order too and save on shipping by
ordering at the same time:

2 LPs=$23 (including shipping)

2 CDs=$21 (including shipping)

1LP, 1CD=$22 (including shipping)

Email if you want larger quantities, or if you have any other questions

Hope to see you at some of the shows! Wish you out-of-towners on the list
could be here too.


X! Records
1445 Browning
Ferndale, MI

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